Day 4 & 5: 66 Days Continues

My SQL skills need mad practice LOL

Photo by Christopher Gower on Unsplash

I was kind of annoyed the other day when I had to do some tasks for the IBM project that utilized SQL. I’m really not that good at SQL so it was a little hint that I should go back and practice.

Does it feel like SQL is a language that is “cyber-yelling”? WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE IN CAPS! SELECT! FROM TABLE! I mean… calm down SQL, take a Xanax, LOL.

Anyways. to be specific, I went through some simple queries on an old IMDB project/database of movies so that I could feel more comfortable.

The other aspect that I need to practice is creating tables and databases, not just writing queries. Complicated, right? I have trouble, but this time around as I was reviewing my Codeacademy lessons, it didn’t seem so foreign having learned quite a bit of back-end development this spring.

Well, short post, but there isn’t much to what I did today or yesterday. Some days just be like that.

Happy Friday!



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Matthew Walfish

Matthew Walfish

Software Engineer. Retired Dancer. Marathoner & Yogi. Photo Lover. Dog Dad.