D9: #66DaysofDS

Today was all about Dash Apps!

Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

As soon as I chose that picture above, I was like, Oh I wish I knew how to do that…

OMG I do. I have all the skills and documentation to do that. I’m so dumb, often times.

Welcome to my journey through my first cycle of #66DaysOfData where you do Data Science and then post about it. Neat.

My IBM capstone project continued, hence why I was all in with Dash App today. I had one of those moments where you’ve done it before, but you need to review and remember how to do it. Know what I mean? It’s like, a common theme in my world.

So, I dove in, completed some relatively simple tasks like making a dropdown menu, and also trying data with different maps and graphs. It’s really kind of neat when you get the hang of it. Making visual graphics like this is one of the reasons why I got into DS in the first place! I’m such a nerd, but they’re fun!

As always, I finished some of the tasks of the day, and went snooping for more Dash practice. I was thinking of trying to visualize some random information, like where the wealthiest homes per clustered, or cities with the most rain this year. You know, simple, neat things like that!

I’ll be sharing some of my visuals and codes, soon!

Tata, for now!




Software Engineer. Retired Dancer. Marathoner & Yogi. Photo Lover. Dog Dad.

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Matthew Walfish

Matthew Walfish

Software Engineer. Retired Dancer. Marathoner & Yogi. Photo Lover. Dog Dad.

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