26.2mi Training: Reflecting On A Great Week!

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Hi, Runners!
Thanks for clicking over here!
I am a retired dancer, focusing on changing careers into technology, and finding my passion for long-distance running again.

I’m here to share my running accomplishments each week, as I head towards race day at The Brooklyn Marathon (April) 2022.
Yes, I love saying accomplishments because that’s what they are!
Each run completed is a success in itself, no matter if it was a good one or a bad one. Who cares. You did it! You went out, and ran!

Below is my week in running, followed by some simple explanations.
(Last week’s running work is here).

Current stage: Mileage building.
I haven’t decided what pace I’m going to aim for, which my training will be based off of when the real work begins. Am I procrastinating a little bit? Maybe! LOL.

MONDAY: IDGAF RUN [4.5mi, avg. 10:30/mi]
WEDNESDAY: HIIT Training; Les Mills Grit
THURSDAY: EASY RUN [5mi, avg. 10:18/mi]
SATURDAY: EASY RUN [5mi, avg. 10:25/mi]

Photo by Sage Friedman on Unsplash

I have this lovely little route that takes me from my house in Brooklyn, to Domino Park, North to McCarren Park, and then loops around back home. It was really pretty out and circled around McCarren Park a few times to soak in the beauty.

My minimum per run is at least a 5k. Like I said, it was a beautiful day, so I kept circling the park and enjoyed the weather. It resulted in slightly over 4.5mi total, and I snuck in a 8:53min/mi =)

Tuesday: Yoga
I love Vinyasa Flow, and I’m currently doing Corepower Yoga On Demand at home. It’s been a wonderful “active recovery” between runs. Since I am a retired dancer, it’s always lovely to be doing something that’s flexible, and agile.

I mentioned it in my recap last week, but the advantages of Yoga are innumerous, especially for runners. Posture and alignment are super important!

Wednesday: HIIT Training
Another small fact: I used to be a Les Mills Instructor! When The P happened last year, I added Les Mills On Demand to my subscriptions so I could do their workouts. I absolutely LOVE: BodyAttack, BodyCombat, Core, and of course, Grit.

Now to be fair, there are some moves that make me be like… ugh… yah no. And some that do make me think… WTF? Thank goodness I was an instructor and former Fitness Specialist, so I like to do my own variations that make me feel safe and keep it effective. Which, is totally ok with Les Mills; there’s options for everyone!

As it applies to running: it is absolutely imperative to keep some muscle endurance training, and some strength and agility training, as well! Classes like Barry’s Bootcamp, and HIIT Training in general, are awesome for runners.

Work Smart, Not Hard, is my main motto for life, and I think getting a kick-ass workout done in 30–45min is the busy persons best friend.

Photo by Andrew McElroy on Unsplash

Thursday: Easy Run
Recap: a few months ago when I started on my running journey, I was at my base mileage of 3mi. I’ve slowly added 1/2mi here and there.

Now my base mileage is at 5mi. Woot! Progress! I don’t try for any pace, I just keep it easy and run. I posted my pace times above, to show you that I’m truly going for easy running, and nothing strenuous. The mileage increases slowly, so I’m not feeling a tremendous stress on my joints.

It was just a little bit chilly, so I had a long sleeve base-layer, my trusty thermal Nike Running jacket, and my favorite Saucony Boston Pants. And, as always, I train in Hoka’s!

Friday: Yoga
Again, I love doing Yoga, and I personally have found that doing it twice a week keeps me wonderfully limber. I love the feeling of having a flexible spine, and lengthened posture.

It might seem like a lot; I use Yoga not only for the physical benefits, but the mental and psychological benefits as well. With everything that’s gone on the last year, the amount of ‘feels’ I’ve processed, the unknown of the world, and the increasing list of stresses, Yoga has been a clarity and a peacefulness I’ve come to really cherish. Feeling grounded and calm, is where it’s at. Otherwise, I’m a crazy person.

Photo by Chander R on Unsplash

Saturday: Easy Run
To finish out the week, I did a repeat of my easy run. I normally reserve Friday or Saturday for a longer run. I didn’t honestly feel the need to run long.

This 5mi felt good; the weather was nice, and my legs and lungs felt really good. I feel like I will try and increase my mileage coming up in the next few runs.

Another Week Accomplished
Welp, that’s all I’ve done this week on the running front. My off days are really relaxed, with only simple stretching or some foam rolling/TheraGun time. Work Hard, Rest Hard is the 2022 motto.

As 2021 is coming to an end, I can’t help but get excited for 2022 and my race, but also nervous and concerned for the world. Running continues to be a wonderful mental salvation for me. I hope that for those of you out there also having difficulty, you find some peace and comfort that results from exercise. It has helped me process the last 2 years of craziness, and I have felt balance because of my dedication to, well, myself.

Make some easy resolutions that are benefitted only to you! I’m gonna run this race for mental health, and as a commitment to being my most optimal self.





Software Engineer. Retired Dancer. Marathoner & Yogi. Photo Lover. Dog Dad.

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Matthew Walfish

Matthew Walfish

Software Engineer. Retired Dancer. Marathoner & Yogi. Photo Lover. Dog Dad.

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